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House of Webb

Wow, the memories! I just got added to a Harmony Alumni page on Facebook for past members of our high school’s ridiculously amazing, award winning show choir! Not to toot our own horn, but we were amazing - even in the Harmony, circa 70’s show choir costumes we were so known for!

It was ridiculously rigorous for a high school pursuit and our choir director was a bit more of a music stand and chair throwing drill sergeant than a cumbaya type choir director, but that is how she made us great. And although it was difficult…looking back - I wouldn’t change it now, not a thing.

I learned so much. It really forced me to grow as a person. I learned to stand up for myself and what I believe (even if that was by quitting my senior year to pursue theatre as a much less emotionally taxing creative outlet), what hard work was, and what it meant to be part of a winning team.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without having had this experience, these people in my life, this team, the feeling of accomplishment, the elation of winning - knowing the power of the stage and of commanding an audience with as little as a simple flick of your finger or lilt of voice.

All of these things bring me back to that time, to my friends - my Harmony family. They make me so thankful for the memories, for all I learned, and especially for shaping, bringing to the surface, and releasing the music in my heart and the confidence in my soul.

As I’m reminiscing and writing this post at 4am on a Tuesday, I just had a life-changing, lightbulb moment. I just realized…Cherrie Townsend gave me that.

She gave me the swagger in my walk. A deep-seated well of confidence - she made me great, even amazing at something. I owned that stage, I owned every note the came from my lips, every dance movement was perfection - this rooted a confidence in me that I may never have known otherwise, and I carry it with me forever. Thank you for that, Mrs. T.

Thank you to those who came before me and were my inspiration, thank you to the school and our parents for all of the amazing places we traveled for competition and as a choir family ( I will never forget Atlanta or NYC - thanks again for being a chaperone, mom!!). Thank you to Cherrie Townsend for being an amazing choir director - forcing me to push myself, forcing me to grow up and make difficult decisions, and most of all for the experience of being a part of something truly beautiful to behold.

I loved every person I sang with, they will each always carry a little part of my heart with them. And although I didn’t always love the method of getting there - we became a true family.

I did and always will, love and crave the feeling of creating something truly beautiful. When individuals come together to form something even greater as a whole. When voices melt into a perfect harmony - it’s magical.

These memories will last a lifetime and I still believe this moment in my life was a defining part of who I am today. Love all yall - thanks for the memories!!

Better late than never…after furniture shopping Saturday with nandy, we got back home just in time to carb the last twenty minutes of the annual Hairy Man Festival by our house!! For FREE! Woot woot! All angel baby ever truly cares about is the petting zoo - and they welcomed us into that just before closing at 5pm without having purchased tickets too! A little rain and being closing time was perfect timing for us - free entrance, free petting zoo, a little swing time and then kicked out just at dinner time. Perfecto!

Furniture shopping for nandy!!! We had so much fun yesterday looking around with nandy to outfit their new home with some places to sit!! We hit four hands and oh my - as always, LOVE so many things in there…it’s a good thing my house is already full. Just sayin.

AND we may have found a contender for a new couch set at Norwalk for the Doverspike’s! So many fun bright happy fabrics and patterns in there!! Mickie, our very helpful sales associate said they’re working hard to capture the younger market - it’s working, Mickie! It’s working! Now if they can just magically whip up some of that awesome fake suede-ey soft couch fabric in black for nandy and grandy, we’ve got a winner!

Ohhhh and that random calico-lookin side table? I loooonged for an almost exact side table set that I couldn’t afford 4 years ago when we moved into our house. I’d found it at the Louis Shanks outlet and as its a temporary outlet, it was gone before I could save and buy them. As we pulled in to furniture row, what do I see???? Louis Shanks outlet!!! And I may have dropped to my knees and whispered “oh my god, you’re here” when I saw this little friend. AND they have a matching one in Houston they said they’d bring up and sell me for $199 each. Oh Louis. You drive a hard bargain. I walked out empty handed, but you never know…fate may have brought us back together for a reason ;)

After our team outing…(I may have scooted out a little early) it was Time for CHUCK E CHEEEEEESE!!! Nandy picked up the kiddo and it was such perfect timing. We pulled into the parking lot at the exact same time coming from opposite directions! A little pizza, a little dancing singing stomping and clapping with our favorite rat (not to be confused with Mickey and Minnie, our favorite mice), some pizza, rides and games and a little nandy time!
And that last pic? That’s what you see when they announce Chuck E coming out to dance!! ;)

Good  to know!!

Good to know!!

Team outing at Main Event! It was SO much more fun than I expected! And hey, any workday NOT spent working in the office is a good one, eh?!

After work today she was sitting facing me on my lap. She searched my face, looked into my eyes, and said “you’re my best friend”. And my heart melted of happiness and love. <3  
You’re mine too, baby girl!! You’re mine too!!!

After work today she was sitting facing me on my lap. She searched my face, looked into my eyes, and said “you’re my best friend”. And my heart melted of happiness and love. <3
You’re mine too, baby girl!! You’re mine too!!!

An awesome birthday night for the hubby! Hooray 32!!! German sausages and what might possibly have been gallon size steins of Thirsty Goat Amber Ale (how could we not?!) in the string lit patio of Bangers while the polka band played in the background. Then off to the Container Bar for his birthday surprise…with a long-planned girls weekend lake trip scheduled for this weekend was sadly cancelled, leave t to TKS to not be left out of a party.

Suzy, Patsy, Becky & Maeva made it a point to gather the troops, make the trip into town and be there to surprise Jason as he rounded the corner to get a drink!!! He had NO idea!!! Love it <3. And we even got a special visit from a long lost original TKSer…Amber Wilson, the grinch slippers herself!! Always fun to be part of a mini reunion after a decade :)

And last but not least…the ending to the night. A happy drunk, the birthday boy was done-zo at about 1:15 and as soon as we got to the car he proclaimed that the time for pants was over. He asked our lovely DD, Jamie, if he could de-pant and her only question, well are you wearing underwear? After he assured her he was, being the awesome bestie she is…she told him - it’s your birthday, do what you want! And so he did, somehow leaving his pants, boots and socks looking as if the person inhabiting them simply vanished into thin air as they fell to the ground around him.

It was fun fun night. Thank you to all who attended, to Jamie for keeping us safe and sound and getting us to and from the party, and to Nandy and grandy for watching angel baby while we had an adult night out!!!

So fun to celebrate a wonderful and special soul that I love more than anything in the world with great friends, good food, smiles and laughter.

Friday’s Chuck E Cheese outing with the Travers family and a surprise visit by Auntie Chase!!! What a way to kick off daddy’s birthday weekend!!

Every so often, being not so tidy pays off&#8230; Like having a random clean set of clothes on the floorboard to change the kiddo into after a sick tummy takes out the first outfit :(. On our way to get meds to hopefully fix her up, hooray for modern medicine!!!

Every so often, being not so tidy pays off… Like having a random clean set of clothes on the floorboard to change the kiddo into after a sick tummy takes out the first outfit :(. On our way to get meds to hopefully fix her up, hooray for modern medicine!!!

Happy birthday, hubby!!! (at Banger&#8217;s Sausage House &amp; Beer Garden)

Happy birthday, hubby!!! (at Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden)

It was Grandparents day at school on Monday!! And oh wasn’t someone EXCITED to see nandy and grandy appear in the cafeteria!! What a day!!

Nandy and Grandy got a tour of the school, then surprised Angel baby at breakfast and enjoyed some mini muffins and juice, then they played in the indoor muscle gym, read a story in the theatre, met the pet animals (lizard & bunny), and finally enjoyed a little outdoor play time on the jungle gym before saying goodbye for the day.

It’s so nice to have them nearby to take part in the little things :).

Nana and Granddad, Lenox sent out a special hug and kiss for each of you on grandparents day! *Action plan*…time to start looking for a vacation home in Austin! 6 months here/6 months in New Zealand…sounds like a plan to me!!!

Excuse the bouncy/choppy footage - my sports bra shot the beginning of this video ;). But oh man, those giggles just make you want to smile sunbeams, don’t they?!

A little park fun on a steamy TX Sunday :)

I think this dog bed&#8217;s had it&#8230;I haven&#8217;t seen this much stuffing since last Thanksgiving ;) (at House of Webb)

I think this dog bed’s had it…I haven’t seen this much stuffing since last Thanksgiving ;) (at House of Webb)